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  • This elegant collection of Decorative Earthen pots is hand crafted and hand painted to beautify your homes and offices.
  • Made from the most durable clay and baked at very high temperatures
  • They are spacious and available in two different colors.
  • These pots are classy, lightweight, and of beautiful finish.
  • They can serve as planters and used for direct planting.
  • The pots offer quick and easy installation and will add beauty and class to your interiors.
  • They come with matching trays to offer completeness in utility, design, and style.
  • Choose from palm sugar and black colors.
  • Construction and materials: Clay
  • Recommended usage: Indoor and outdoor, for home and office.
  • Planter drainage: Manufactured with drain holes.
  • Shipping time: Ships (anywhere in India) to reach you in 10-days (conditions apply.)

Regular Rs. 225
Pot colour                                 

Candy Pink
Sweet Lavender
Orange peel
Tender Shoot
Pure white
Shiny black
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