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It has a good absorbency of Water helps keep Nutrients and Fertilizers being used in minimal amount. It has a resistant property to Bacterial and Fungal growth.

Its high Water holding and Air filled porosity help to stimulate high Seed raising germination rates.

 Coco peat has innumerable advantages in the agricultural and domestic gardening.The main advantage is that the valuable nitrogen is preserved in coco peat and moisture content is retained mainly in potting mix in home gardening. Cocopeat is a multi purpose growing medium, that is very easy to use . Its high air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it the ideal medium for all plant growing applications. It has many applications as an effective soil conditioner and soil-free substrate.

The other benefits are:

  •   The coco peat has a tendency to expand in its volume, ie. Four to five times from its original volume provided.

  •  Coco peat provides the plants easy porosity for growing roots and good airiness for the plant healthy growth.


  •  Coco peat restructures the soil and helps to retain moisture in garden/nursery beds.


  •  frequency of watering is reduced.


  •  Coco peat extends the life of compost.



Coco peat helps to plants free from insects, weeds, seeds, salts and chemicals.



  •  Coco peat minimizes the aborts in the compost pile.

  • 5Kg brick = 20 kg cocopeat




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