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Budha Fountain

Buddha head Fountain:

  • Experience the calm and poise of the Buddha in your environment coupled with the delightful sound of trickling water with this unique Buddha Head Fountain. Produced by skilled craftspersons, the Buddha Head Fountain not only leaves spellbound but also pleases the eye and inspires any environment.
  • The facial expressions of this Buddha fountain can make anyone pause to absorb the divinity from the picture of total calm and poise. It instills a sense of confidence to own an idol fountain of the Buddha in one’s own space. The expression of the Buddha never fails to give a sense of having all the right solutions on hand.
  • This fountain offers a cool and peaceful setting with an amazing waterfall from over the Buddha Head giving a marvellous effect spreading an aura of beauty and majesty.
  • Construction and materials: Polystone fiber

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Shiny blackWidth 100cm x Height 109cm