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  • Amba, Variety kesar mango
    This is a fruit of Indian origin.
  • Amla Rai
    A popular fruit.
  • Bael Fruit
    The Bael is a native India, Burma, Himalayas.
  • Banana, Keli
    It is a world favourite.
  • Chikoo pala variety
    The tree is very ornamental and evergreen.
  • Chinch, Imli, Tamarind
    It 's prized for its fruit and shade.
  • Citrus medicalimonia, Kagdi Limbu , Acid Lime
    The regular lemon found in markets of India.
  • Fig, Anjir;
    Delicious variety.
  • Jambhul,Jamun,Plum
    This plant is the symbol for rohini nakshatra
  • Lichi
    One of the most divine tropical fruit.
  • Mango ratna, mba, Aam
    Mangoes are the kings of the tropical fruit...
  • Peru, Amrood,Guava
    Guava plants are relatively easy to grow.
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