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  • Babys Tears
    Grown for its shiny, attractive tiny bright green leaves.
  • Epipremnum Pinnatum
    Hardy and easy to grow.
  • cissus rhombifolia
    Grape ivy
    Grow as foliage plant and often used for hanging baskets. Evergreen ground cover
  • Maghai Paan, Betel Leaf,
    Leaves are also required in religious ceremonies.
  • Marble queen
    Marble Queen
    The easiest houseplant to grow
  • Philodendron Brazil
    This is a very versatile plant.
  • philodendron oxycardium green
    Philodendron oxycarium green
    Heart-leaf philodendron is an evergreen perennial plant
  • Phylodendran oxycarium gold
    Easy to grow.
  • Pilea big leaves
    Ideal plant for hanging baskets.
    Ideal for hanging baskets.
  • Sedum species
    A dense and low growing plant.