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  • Areca Palm
    Favorite palm
  • Bismark Palm
  • California fan palm
    This palm is inexpensive,adapts to most soils and is easy to grow
  • Cane Palm
    Fast growing and decorative palm.
  • Chamaedorea elegans
    Good houseplant
  • Date palm
    Excellent for planting in lawns, as single specimen plants or in groups.
  • Fox tail palm
    The foxtail palm has one of the most spectacular foliage displays of all palms.
  • Lady Palm
    Famous for its beautiful leaves
  • Magesty Palm
    A very popular palm
  • Ptychosperma palm
    Highly favoured as an indoor plant and is grown around the world.
  • Red wax palm
    Grown for its pretty red color.
  • sago palm
    Cycas revoluta is one of the easiest plants to grow, indoors or out, by beginner or expert.
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