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Wodetia bifurcata
Fox tail palm
  • Foxtail palm has recently become a very popular ornamental.
  • Foxtail palms are exceptionally hardy and easy to grow. 
  • Foliage is deep green to light green colors.
  • They tolerate a wide variety of well drained soils.
  • The foxtail palm grows best in full sun, but it grows well in partial shade, too.
  • Can also be grown indoors where it does well in brightly-lit areas. 
  • Foxtail palm may be used alone as an accent specimen and may also be planted in groups
  • Foxtail palm grows naturally amongst rock.
  • Foxtails are being planted in rows along streets and driveways.
  • Foxtail palm is also grown as a house or conservatory plant in well lit areas.
  • Foxtail palm can be used effectively as a patio or deck plant in a large pot or tub.
  • Foxtail palm may be planted in areas having strong wind.

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