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  • Ixora mini pink
    Leaves and flower small,used to make bonsai,flower in bunches.
  • Aboli orange
    Aboli peach
  • Ananta
    Gardenia is a fragrant flowering plant.
  • Arrowhead Plumeria, White Nosegay, Amapola Floron, Bashful Frangipani, Khairchap
    Plumeria pudica looks like a bouquet of white flowers.
  • Asparagus Myerii
    Asparagus plants are easy to grow Good for Edges ie very small hedge or border.
  • Bamboo Grass
    Plants can be used in many ways.
  • Bird Of Paradise
    Beautiful shrub having some really exotic looking flowers. the flowers and the foliage re both used for cut flowers
  • Butterfly Bush,summer lilac
    It is widely used as an ornamental plant.
  • Galphimia glauca
    Canary Bush
    Sun growing, Semi shade, Good for hedges and borders.
  • Aglonema species
    Chinese Evergreen
    Attractive plant
  • Plumbago capensis
    Chitrak blue
    Shrubs, Medicinal Plants ,Sun growing, flower looking very pretty.
  • Dracaena Mahatma
    Distinctive reddish pink color foliage plant
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