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  • Arrowhead Plumeria, White Nosegay, Amapola Floron, Bashful Frangipani, Khairchap
    Plumeria pudica looks like a bouquet of white flowers.
  • Ashoka Tree,Ashoka Weeping, Mast Tree
    A graceful tree with drooping short and thin branches.
  • Badam Mini
    One of the prettiest of the new trees introduced in India.
  • Bakul Variegated Leaves, Indian Medlar
    Its ornamental foliage.
  • Bakul, Bullet wood
    Mimusops elengi is a medium-sized evergreen tree
  • Bismark Palm
  • Copper Pod Tree ,Pivla Gulmohar
    Evergreen, flowering tree with a beautiful rounded canopy.
  • Dwarf Crepe Myrtle Tree
    Large, woody shrub to a small tree.
  • Elephant Apple ,Karmal
    Popular ornamental tree for large gardens.
  • Fern Tree, Fern Leaf Tree,Katu, Puveras
    A perfectly elegant ornamental shade tree.
  • Flame tree, African tulip tree, Pichkari tree
    Also called as the African tulip tree or the flame tree. Used as an Avenue tree.
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