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Anthocephalus chinensis
  • It is a large, evergreen tree with beautiful & unique flowers.
  • The tall deciduous tree grows up to 45 m high
  • Leaves are glossy green
  • It is quick, large growing tree.The fragnant flower of the tree is red to orange in colour, occurring in dense, globe-like head. It nicely assumes the shape of a ball. When the tree is in bloom, one can see the tree loaded with numerous beautiful flowers.
  • The flowering usually begins during monsoon when the tree is 4–5 years old.
  • The timber is used for plywood, light construction, paper, boxes and crates, dug-out canoes, and furniture components.
  • Kadamba flowers are an important raw material in the production of ‘attar’,
  • The tree is grown along avenues, roadsides and for shade.
  • Kadamb tree leaves are also used for treating diabetes.
  • It is belief  that plantation of Kadamb tree near to lakes and ponds, brings happiness and prosperity in their life.

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