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Alstonia scholaris
  • Alstonia is evergreen  fast-growing  tree, that grows up to 40 m tall.
  • The fragnant flowers are greenish white and occurs in early winter.
  • The bark of Alstonia scholaris is used solely for medicinal purposes, ranging from Malaria and epilepsy to skin conditions and asthma.
  • In Ayurveda it is used as a bitter and as an astringent herb for treating skin disorders, malarial fever, urticaria, chronic dysentery, diarrhea, in snake bite and for upper purification process of Panchakarma .
  • The  Milky  juice of the tree is applied to ulcers.
  • The tree came to have ‘Scholaris’ as its species name because its bark was used to make writing slates.
  • It grows better under moist, warm climate but cannot stand water logging.
  • Recommended for planting in parks, gardens and inside lawns.
  • Suitable for avenue planting.
  • It has been extensively planted in India. Also seems to grow well in hot dry regions.

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