Cancellations & Refunds

Once the order has been placed, there can be no cancellations and/or refunds. Please contact our sales team if you need to modify your order.

Our prices are ex-farm, which means you have to pick up the order once we inform you that it is ready. We only load the order into your vehicle. Jagtap Nursery is in no way responsible for any delay or damage to the order after it has left our farm. You may choose to insure your order at your discretion.

Scheduled pickup date is an approximate date. We will strive to ensure that your products are ready by this date. However, we accept no responsibility for delays due to reasons beyond our control.

Orders cannot be held with us longer than 30 days from the scheduled date of pickup and will attract additional maintenance charges or may be cancelled, and the advance forfeited, at our discretion.

We hold the order for up to 30 days from date of order free of cost. Maintenance charges @ 2% per month apply to orders held beyond this period. Orders not collected beyond 90 days shall be considered as cancelled and the payments forfeited.