About Us

Welcome to Jagtap Nursery, a trusted source for premium quality wholesale plants, serving landscaping professionals, retailers, and businesses. We are over 50 years old! We've evolved from being a local nursery to a leading supplier of all things green. Transform your spaces with our top-notch plants and accessories!

Our Wholesale Locations & Production Facilities

Sortapwadi (Solapur Highway)

Jagtap Nursery Wholesale at Sortapwadi on the Solapur Highway, is conveniently located for nursery wholesale buyers. A vast range of potted plants suitable for your retail nursery is available here. Please visit us or use this website to order online.

Kamshet (Old Mumbai Highway)

This wholesale nursery is conveniently located on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway. We offer a wide range of premium landscape plants, suitable for your next landscape project. 

Uralikanchan(Production Areas)

Our Production facility in Uralikanchan has been growing Plumeria and Roses besides our other ranges of plants.

Ardhav(Production Areas)

Our Production Facility at Ardhav is located on the banks of the river Pavna and grows a mix of landscape plants as well as foliage plants. Larger deliveries are often directly loaded from this location.