Our Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to transform your life into bundle of joyful memories with nature. Healthy and lush plants grown at our production nursery; the wonderful range of plants and garden accessories at our garden center; artful floral bouquets and arrangements skillfully crafted by our florist team for those special occasions; innovative landscape gardens thoughtfully designed by our talented designers, meticulously developed landscapes brought to life by our landscape development team, and carefully maintained landscapes overseen by our dedicated maintenance team. With these efforts we collectively create a paradise that brings nature to you.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the cultural framework that defines us as a company. They guide our actions, decisions, and interactions, ensuring that these values become a part of our lives. We are always on the lookout for team mates who believe in these core values. These values are often inculcated by our families and parents as we grow up. If these values resonate with you do explore the job opportunities with us.


The driving force behind each and every member of our team. We are deeply passionate about what we do, from nurturing gardens to thrive or meticulously managing our financial responsibilities. Passion drives us towards perfection with continuous improvement.


Discipline is a way of life at Jagtap Horticulture. Our team members demonstrate a high level of discipline. It is about being on time, how we organize our tasks and work calendar, our documentation, even in our emails.  Discipline ensures predictable and consistent output  that our customers and partners can trust.


Our steadfast commitment to the work we do defines us. We give it our best and then some more. Grooming plants in our nursery or making journal entries in the books of accounts, the commitment of each of our team members to the work they do is what makes us successful.


This is the foundation of working as a team. Ideas and point of views flow freely and without any restrictions. If a team member believes that the leadership is making a mistake, they are encouraged to bring it to the attention of their leaders. Also if they have ideas that can improve efficiency, they are encouraged. Leaders in our teams take open feedback and positive criticism in the right spirit.


Just like over-fertilization is a toxin for our plants, excess resources assigned to a task are often counterproductive. Our teams have a keen eye on the proper use of resources and thus ensure productivity. We constantly review our operations and work to minimize waste and optimize output.


Our team leaders understand that empathy is not about weakness, its about understanding and feeling the emotions of others. Therefore we believe in 'family first', and our teams adjust and accommodate each other when needed. Empathy brings us closer in understanding each other, and ensures we can deliver the best results as a team.