Areca palm, Dypsis lutescens

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The Areca Palm, scientifically known as Dypsis lutescens, is a popular and graceful palm species with feathery fronds, making it a sought-after choice for both indoor and outdoor landscaping. Its slender, smooth trunks and vibrant green foliage add a tropical touch to any space.

The Areca Palm is commonly found and used at various locations. While many suppliers source plants from South India, Jagtap Nursery produces its own plants locally. Our plants are cost-effective, with a high survival rate, as they are grown in their natural habitat. Plants from the South may take some time to acclimate to the local weather conditions, including cooler temperatures in our region.


Prefers bright, indirect light. Can tolerate some direct sunlight but avoid prolonged exposure to harsh midday sun.


Keep the soil consistently moist. Allow the top inch of the soil to dry before watering.


Well-draining soil with organic matter. Adaptable to various soil types.


Feed with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer during the growing season. Reduce fertilization in winter.


Thrives in warm temperatures. Protect from drafts and cold conditions.


Propagated through seeds, although this is less common. More commonly, new plants are grown from offshoots or suckers at the base.

Pest and Diseases:

Generally resistant to pests. Watch for spider mites and scale. Treat with insecticidal soap if needed.


Regularly inspect for pests. Apply preventive measures and treat with appropriate insecticides if infestation occurs.

Similar Looking Plants:

- Beautiful Palm Tree (Arenga tremula): Resembles the Areca Palm but has a more compact growth habit.

Mix Planting Recommendations:

Create a lush, green oasis with our selection of vibrant plants and quality gardening supplies at Jagtap Nursery, conveniently located near you in Pune.

Combine the graceful Areca palm with the elegant Boston Fern for a stunning ensemble. For a striking contrast, complement them with the classic Peace Lily.

Choose from our range of beautiful pots, available in plastic, ceramic, or earthenware, to enhance the beauty of your plants.

Ensure the health and vitality of your green companions with our high-quality soil and fertilizers.

Count on our knowledgeable staff for expert guidance at every step of your gardening journey.

Request online quotations for all your gardening needs, including planters, tools, and more. Trust Jagtap Nursery to help you create the perfect green oasis in your home or office space.

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