Cuban Cigar, Calathea lutea

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    Plant height 3'
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    Plant height 3'

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    Plant height: 3'

    Calathea lutea, also known as Cuban Cigar, is a captivating plant celebrated for its distinctive foliage and unique growth pattern. With lance-shaped leaves emerging from a central stem, resembling rolled cigars, it adds an intriguing visual element to any indoor or outdoor setting. This plant is prized for its ornamental appeal and is a favorite among plant enthusiasts for its tropical charm. Explore the beauty of Calathea lutea at Jagtap Nursery, your premier wholesale plant supplier, offering expert guidance and a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants to enhance your space with tropical elegance.


    Thrives in bright, indirect light. Protect from direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn.


    Maintain consistently moist soil. Use room-temperature water to avoid shocking the plant.


    Well-draining, lightweight potting mix rich in organic matter. Keep the soil consistently moist.


    Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season. Avoid over-fertilizing.


    Prefers warm and humid conditions. Protect from drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations.


    Propagate through division during the growing season for optimal success.

    Pest and Diseases:  

    Watch for spider mites and aphids. Keep the plant clean and treat pests promptly with insecticidal soap.


    Regularly inspect for pests. Apply preventive treatments like neem oil. Treat infestations promptly.

    Similar Looking Plants: 

    -Calathea orbifolia: Shares similar foliage characteristics but differs in leaf shape and patterning.

    Mix Planting Recommendations: 

    - Pair with Calathea zebrina and Peperomia obtusifolia for a diverse and visually appealing indoor arrangement.

    Aesthetic Uses:

    Ideal for indoor spaces, the Cuban Cigar adds a touch of exotic charm to living rooms, offices, and conservatories.

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