Foxtail palm, Wodyetia bifurcata

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    Polybag size / Pot size Polybag: 18x18, 26.5L
    Plant height 6'
    Polybag size / Pot size Polybag: 21x21, 43.5L
    Plant height 7'6''
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    Plant height 12''
    Polybag size / Pot size Polybag: 8x10, 2.9L
    Plant height 12''
    Polybag size / Pot size Polybag: 50X50, 149L
    Plant height 7'6''

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    The Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) is a stunning palm species renowned for its unique and striking appearance. Native to Australia, it features a slender trunk topped with a crown of gracefully arching fronds that resemble the tail of a fox, hence its name. At Jagtap Nursery, your premier wholesale plant nursery, we offer a wide range of Foxtail Palms in various heights and sizes to suit your landscaping needs. Explore our selection to enhance your outdoor spaces with the beauty of this exquisite palm species.

    Growth Type: Exquisite Palm Tree

    Height at Maturity: Rising gracefully to heights of 30-40 feet, the Foxtail Palm stands as a testament to nature's elegance.

    Growth Rate: Like a dancer's pirouette, its growth is unhurried yet graceful, painting time with a touch of artistry.

    Soil Requirements: Rooted in well-draining soil, it thrives in various soil types, a survivor in both sandy and loamy landscapes.

    Soil pH Range: Flourishing in the pH range of 6.0 to 7.5, the Foxtail Palm reveals its vibrant foliage in harmony with the earth.

    Watering Needs: In its youth, it craves regular hydration, and as it matures, it reveals its resilience, withstanding drier periods with elegance.

    Drought Tolerance: With fronds like feathery plumes, it flaunts its drought tolerance, a warrior against arid conditions.

    Spread and Canopy: With a spread of 10-15 feet, it presents a canopy of emerald plumes, a resplendent crown that graces the sky.

    Planting Distance: Give it room to flourish with planting distances of 10-15 feet, a tribute to its expansive beauty.

    Maintenance Care: Prune with an artist's precision, sculpting away spent fronds to unveil its regal form and ensure its vitality.

    Fertilization Schedule: Feed with a balanced palm fertilizer, nurturing its growth 2-3 times during the growing season for a botanical masterpiece.

    Mulching Recommendations: Crown it with organic mulch, a regal adornment that shields its roots and bestows nourishment.

    Special Care Instructions: Shelter from extreme cold, and it shall grace your landscape with its emerald allure—a reminder of nature's exquisite balance.

    Pest and Disease Resistance: A survivor, yet not invincible. Vigilance is the guardian against potential pests and diseases, ensuring its grace endures.

    Preventive Measures or Treatments: Regular inspections and appropriate treatments, if needed, shield this masterpiece from disruptions.

    Ecological Benefits: A haven for birds and insects, it adds a touch of biodiversity to your landscape, an ambassador of the wild.

    Aesthetic Qualities: With fronds that resemble a fox's tail, this palm becomes a living art form, a sculpture of nature that evokes awe.

    Uses: Transform gardens into tropical paradises, patios into serene retreats—the Foxtail Palm is a symbol of elegance in any landscape.

    Cultural Significance: Admired for its beauty and adaptability, it becomes a connection to nature's wonder and a living legacy for generations.

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