Garlic lily, Tulbaghia violacea

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Plant height: 4''

At Jagtap Nursery, your leading wholesale plant supplier, we proudly offer Tulbaghia violacea, also known as Garlic Lily, a resilient perennial herb with aromatic foliage and charming star-shaped flowers. With its long, narrow leaves releasing a subtle garlic fragrance when crushed, this plant adds both visual and olfactory appeal to any garden or landscape. Enjoy the delicate lilac blooms of its flower clusters, emerging on tall stems. Explore our wide range of lilies, including varieties with blue flowers and garlic-like scent, perfect as border plants or for green walls. Visit our nursery for landscape plants, pots, planters, fertilizers, soil media, and other accessories. Experience the beauty and versatility of our plants at Jagtap Nursery today!


Thrives in full sun to partial shade. Well-suited for various light conditions.


Adaptable to different moisture levels. Requires well-draining soil to prevent waterlogging.


Prefers well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. Tolerant of different soil types.


A general-purpose, balanced fertilizer during the growing season promotes healthy growth.


Suited for warm climates. Protect from frost and extreme cold.


Easily propagated through division or by planting offsets.

Pest and Diseases: 

Generally resistant to pests and diseases. Minimal susceptibility to issues.

Treatment : 

Regularly inspect for pests. Apply organic insecticides or neem oil if needed.

Similar Looking Plants:  

Allium schoenoprasum (Chives): Similar in appearance but with a stronger onion flavor.

Mix Planting Recommendations:  

Combine with Lavender and Rosemary for a fragrant and culinary-themed herb garden.

Plant it under plumerias as fillers.

Create nice border along the pathways mixed with Yuccas.

Aesthetic Uses:  

Ideal for herb gardens, borders, or as a companion plant for pest control.

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