Duranta erecta variegata


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    Polybag size / Pot size: Polybag: 8x10, 2.9L
    Plant height: 12''

    Transform your landscape with the enchanting beauty of Variegated Duranta, also known as Skyflower, available at Jagtap Nursery's wholesale division. As a leading landscape plant supplier, we offer top-quality Variegated Duranta plants ideal for hedges, outdoor gardens, and container plantings. With its stunning variegated foliage adorned with creamy white and green patterns, coupled with clusters of vibrant blue flowers, this evergreen shrub adds elegance to any landscape. Trust our expert guidance to create stunning outdoor spaces with Variegated Duranta from Jagtap Nursery.

    Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade

    Watering Needs:

     Keep the soil consistently moist, particularly during the growing season. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings.

    Temperature Range:

     Thrives in warm climates. Protect from frost and cold extremes.

    Pest and Diseases:

     Generally resistant to pests. Watch for spider mites and aphids. Ensure good air circulation to prevent fungal issues.

    Treatment for Pests and Diseases:

     Use insecticidal soap for spider mites and aphids. Prune affected areas and improve ventilation to prevent fungal problems.

    Fertilization Requirements:

     Feed with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season. Reduce frequency in winter.

    Propagation Methods:

     Propagate through stem cuttings or by seeds. Ensure well-draining soil for successful rooting.

    Similar Looking Plants:

     Duranta erecta (Non-variegated Duranta), Duranta repens (Golden Dewdrop)

    Mix Planting Recommendations:

     Combine with other colorful foliage plants or use as a standalone specimen for a vibrant garden. Variegated Duranta works well in mixed borders and container arrangements.

    Aesthetic Uses:

     Variegated Duranta is perfect for adding a splash of color to gardens, borders, and tropical-themed landscapes. Its versatility makes it suitable for both formal and informal garden settings.

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