Ixora Singapore, Ixora congesta


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Polybag size / Pot size: Polybag: 10x10, 3.9L
Plant height: 12''

Explore the beauty of outdoor flowering plants with Ixora Singapore (Ixora congesta) at Jagtap Nursery, your premier landscape plant supplier on Solapur Road. This compact and evergreen ornamental shrub is celebrated for its vibrant clusters of small, tubular flowers, making it an ideal choice for tropical and subtropical gardens.

At Jagtap Nursery, we offer a wide variety of Ixora plants in different colors, including shades of red, orange, pink, and yellow, allowing you to add a burst of color to your landscapes. Our expert team provides care tips and guidance to ensure your Ixora plants thrive in their environment.

Transform your outdoor spaces with the vibrant hues of Ixora Singapore. Visit Jagtap Nursery today and explore our collection of shrubs and landscape plants to enhance your garden decor.

Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Watering Needs: Regular watering; keep the soil consistently moist.

Temperature Range: Well-suited for warm to tropical climates.

Pest and Diseases:  Watch for aphids and scale insects. Ensure good air circulation to prevent fungal diseases.

Treatment :

 Use insecticidal soap for aphids and scale insects. Prune affected areas and maintain good plant hygiene to prevent fungal issues.

Fertilization Requirements:

Feed with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season. Adjust based on soil conditions.

Propagation Methods:

Propagate through stem cuttings or seeds. Plant in well-draining soil.

Similar Looking Plants: Ixora coccinea (Jungle Geranium)

Mix Planting Recommendations: Plant Ixora Singapore as a border plant or in mixed plantings with other tropical shrubs. Combines well with plants that have contrasting foliage colors like croton petra, Duranta, fried egg tree

Aesthetic Uses:

Ixora Singapore is valued for its profuse and colorful blooms, making it a popular choice for gardens, hedges, and as a potted plant. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, adding liveliness to outdoor spaces.

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