Purple eranthemum, Pseudoeranthemum jessica


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  • Polybag size / Pot size
  • Plant height
  • Plants Usage in Landscape
  • Landscape uses Hedge & Screen

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Plants Usage in Landscape Container Planting or Outdoor Plants
Polybag size / Pot size Polybag: 10x10, 3.9L
Plant height 12''
Landscape uses Hedge & Screen Hedge


Pseudoeranthemum jessica, commonly known as the Purple Eranthemum, is a captivating flowering plant admired for its vibrant purple blooms and glossy foliage. The plant produces clusters of tubular flowers that add a splash of color to gardens and landscapes. It is a relatively low-maintenance plant that thrives in well-draining soil.

Light Requirements: Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade.

 Watering Needs: Keep the soil consistently moist during the growing season. Allow the top inch to dry out between waterings.

Temperature Range: Well-suited for Pune's climate, which typically ranges from 8°C to 35°C (46°F to 95°F). Protect from frost.

Pest and Diseases: Resistant to most pests and diseases. Monitor for aphids or whiteflies, especially in warmer months.

Treatment: Use a gentle insecticidal soap for aphids or whiteflies. Maintain good airflow to prevent issues.

Fertilization Requirements: Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season. Reduce fertilization in winter.

 Propagation Methods: Propagate through stem cuttings in spring or early summer.

 Similar Looking Plants: Ruellia simplex (Mexican Petunia), Eranthemum

Mix Planting Recommendations: Pair with other sun-loving plants like Lantana or Gazania for a colorful and diverse garden.

Aesthetic Uses: Ideal for borders, flower beds, or as a potted plant on patios. The vibrant purple flowers attract butterflies and add visual appeal.

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