Purple eranthemum, Pseudoeranthemum jessica


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    Plant height 12''
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    Plant height 12''

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    Plant height: 12''

    Pseudoeranthemum 'Jessica', popularly known as Purple Eranthemum, is an enchanting flowering plant prized for its striking purple blossoms and glossy leaves. This vibrant species produces clusters of tubular flowers, adding a vivid burst of color to gardens and landscapes. As a low-maintenance plant, it thrives in well-draining soil, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. Explore the beauty of Purple Eranthemum at Jagtap Nursery, your reliable wholesale plant supplier. Transform your outdoor spaces with the captivating hues of this charming plant variety available at Jagtap Nursery on Solapur Road.

    Light Requirements: Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade.

     Watering Needs: Keep the soil consistently moist during the growing season. Allow the top inch to dry out between waterings.

    Temperature Range: Well-suited for Pune's climate, which typically ranges from 8°C to 35°C (46°F to 95°F). Protect from frost.

    Pest and Diseases: Resistant to most pests and diseases. Monitor for aphids or whiteflies, especially in warmer months.

    Treatment: Use a gentle insecticidal soap for aphids or whiteflies. Maintain good airflow to prevent issues.

    Fertilization Requirements: Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season. Reduce fertilization in winter.

     Propagation Methods: Propagate through stem cuttings in spring or early summer.

     Similar Looking Plants: Ruellia simplex (Mexican Petunia), Eranthemum

    Mix Planting Recommendations: Pair with other sun-loving plants like Lantana or Gazania for a colorful and diverse garden.

    Aesthetic Uses: Ideal for borders, flower beds, or as a potted plant on patios. The vibrant purple flowers attract butterflies and add visual appeal.

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