African tulip tree, Spathodea campanulata

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Enhance your landscape with the majestic African Tulip Tree, scientifically known as Spathodea campanulata. At Jagtap Nursery and our Solapur Road outlet, we proudly offer this vibrant tree renowned for its large, bell-shaped flowers and lush foliage. As a wholesale tree supplier, we provide expert guidance and a wide selection of quality trees to elevate your outdoor space. Explore the beauty of the African Tulip Tree and transform your landscape into a picturesque haven.

A mature Spathodea tree's canopy can span 20 to 30 feet in width. When planting near buildings, maintain a distance of at least 15 feet to prevent branches from encroaching into balconies of buildings — unless that's the desired effect. For distinct canopies, space trees 30 feet (or 10 meters) apart. But, if a continuous canopy or grove-like effect is preferred, a minimum spacing of 15 feet will suffice. Remember, when planted closely, these trees tend to lean outward, reaching for sunlight.

With its dense green foliage and upright structure, the Spathodea offers Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers  a versatile choice. Whether nestled between buildings to obscure less pleasing sights or clustered to shield against urban noise, its thick canopy serves as both a sound and visual barrier. Moreover, it doubles as an effective windbreak and dust collector. The monsoon's wash all the dust off the canopy and offers the dust as nutrients to the tree roots.

This tree sheds its leaves in winter allowing soft winter sunlight through its canopy. Planting them on the south or south eastern side of a building allows sunlight into buildings or bungalows during winter and early spring. New leaves appear during summer. 

The tree's hallmark is its tulip-like flowers, which are a magnet for birds, bees, and butterflies. Planted closer to buildings, these blossoms can be admired up close. The Spathodea is also resilient, tolerating soils with a high pH up to 8.5 and thriving even in heavy clay conditions. Mature specimens require minimal watering during the summer, their natural dormant phase.

However, its upright canopy can occasionally produce competing branches or trunks. Ensure these are expertly managed to avert potential branch falls or trunk splits in the future."

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