Yellow latan Palm, Latania verschaffeltii

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Polybag size / Pot size: Polybag: 25x25, 61.5L
Plant height: 3'

Elevate your landscape with the exotic charm of the Yellow Latan Palm, scientifically known as Latania verschaffeltii. At Jagtap Nursery, we provide a wide range of palms, including this stunning species, ideal for landscape purposes. With our ready-effect palms and ample stock available, you can effortlessly enhance your outdoor space with the vibrant allure of the Yellow Latan Palm

     - Leaves: Fan-shaped, with a yellowish-green color and a red underside.

     - Stem: Solitary trunk with distinctive diamond-shaped leaf scars.

     - Roots: Standard palm fibrous root system.

     - Flowers: Creamy to yellow flowers.

     - Fruits: Small, round, and red when ripe.

4. Lifecycle:

   - Yellow Latan Palm is a slow-growing, long-lived palm tree.

5. Ecology and Distribution:

   - Water Requirement: Approximately 10-15 liters per single watering cycle.

6. Cultivation:

   - Watering: Regularly water, maintaining soil moisture.

   - Fertilizers and Manure: Requires a balanced palm fertilizer.

   - Pests and Diseases:

     - Pests:

       - Scale Insects: Use insecticidal soaps or neem oil for prevention. Follow product label instructions.

       - Spider Mites: Consider using a miticide (acaricides) if infestations occur. Follow the manufacturer's application instructions.

     - Diseases:

       - Fungal Diseases: To prevent fungal issues, maintain good drainage and avoid overwatering. Treat fungal problems with copper-based or sulfur-based fungicides. Follow product label instructions.

   - Propagation Methods: Propagate through seeds or offsets.

7. Uses:

   - Medicinal Uses: Not commonly known for medicinal uses.

   - Culinary Uses: Not typically used in cooking.

   - Traditional Uses: In some cultures, the leaves are used in weaving and as roofing material.

   - Cultural Significance: Admired for its ornamental value.

8. Conservation Status:

   - Not a threatened species.

9. Fun Facts:

    - The Yellow Latan Palm is prized for its striking yellowish-green leaves with a red underside.

    - It's a favorite for tropical landscaping due to its attractive appearance.

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