Manila palm, Adonidia merrillii

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    Plant height 4'
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    Plant height 4'

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    Plant height: 4'

    Enhance your landscape with the timeless elegance of Adonidia merrillii, also known as the Manila Palm. At Jagtap Nursery, we offer premium-quality Manila Palm trees, renowned for their graceful single-stemmed growth and tropical allure. Adorned with a crown of feathery, arching fronds, these palms add a touch of sophistication to any indoor or outdoor space.

    Our wholesale plants nursery features a wide range of palms, including the exquisite Manila Palm, available in various sizes and ready effect options. Whether you're seeking compact palms for indoor settings or majestic specimens for outdoor landscapes, Jagtap Nursery has the perfect selection to meet your needs.

    Discover the beauty and versatility of palms with Jagtap Nursery. Trust us as your reliable supplier for premium-quality palms and elevate the aesthetics of your surroundings with the enchanting charm of Adonidia merrillii.


    Thrives in full sun to partial shade. Requires bright light for optimal growth.


    Moderate watering needs. Allow the soil to dry out between watering sessions.


    Well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. Tolerant of different soil types.


    Apply a balanced, palm-specific fertilizer during the growing season.


    Suited for warm climates. Protect from frost, as it's not frost-tolerant.


    Primarily propagated by seeds. Germination may take several months.

    Pest and Diseases:

    Generally resistant to pests. Watch for spider mites. Treat with insecticidal soap if needed.

    Treatment :  

    Regularly inspect for pests. Apply insecticidal soap preventively.

    Similar Looking Plants: 

    Veitchia merrillii (Christmas Palm): Similar appearance, but Manila Palm is more compact.

    Mix Planting Recommendations:  

    -Combine with Croton Petra and Bird of Paradise for a vibrant tropical garden.

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